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Are Dental Implants Permanent?

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Are you considering dental implants, but are wondering if they’re going to be worth the investment?

If you’ve asked the question, “Are dental implants permanent,” we’ll tell you:

Yes! Dental implants are permanent.

It’s the most modern restorative dental service that’ll mimic the function and aesthetics of your natural teeth.


You play a crucial role to ensure your implant’s permanent lifespan.

So, in this blog post, we’re going to cover:

  • How long dental implants really last
  • Whether or not they get cavities
  • If the procedure is painful
  • How to determine if you’re a candidate

But, first – let’s dive into what dental implants actually are.

What are dental implants?

Dental implants are the leading restorative service to replace a missing, broken, or decayed tooth.

A dental implant is made up of three parts:

  • Titanium implant post
  • Abutment
  • Crown

It’s a true tooth replacement. 

The titanium implant post is inserted into your jawbone, which allows it to fuse with your bone to act as a natural tooth root. The abutment serves as the attachment point for your dental crown.

Then, your dental crown will be shade-matched to blend in with your surrounding teeth!

The best part?

No one will know you received dental work with this natural-looking restoration.

How long do dental implants last?

The titanium implant post can last a lifetime, and your dental crown will last anywhere between 10 to 30 years.

Although your dental implant post is made with high-quality and durable materials, you also play a significant role in how long your restoration will last!

Make sure to brush, floss, and visit your San Francisco, CA dentist for routine cleanings to keep your dental implants in tip-top shape.

Do dental implants get cavities?


Your dental implant is made from an artificial material. Even though it looks and acts like a natural tooth, cavities aren’t a concern.


You still need to take care of your gums and teeth around the implant area like you would with your natural teeth.

Keeping your gums and teeth healthy ensures the longevity of your restoration.

Are dental implants painful?

Many patients report that their dental implant procedure doesn’t hurt.

Typically, periodontists will administer local anesthesia to eliminate stress and pain.

With modern technology and training, your periodontist will work with you to ensure you’re completely comfortable before beginning your restorative work!

Am I a candidate for dental implants?

Some factors determine if you’re a candidate for dental implants.

It includes:

  • Age: Dental implants are usually recommended for individuals who’ve finished the stage so of facial growth and development! It’s around 16 years old for females and 18 years old for males.
  • Health: Your health is vital in determining how your body will respond to dental implants. For example, heavy smoking, chronic diseases (diabetes, etc.), or radiation therapy around your neck or head area will require further evaluation by your periodontist.
  • Jawbone amount: Dental implants need a certain amount of supporting bone around the implant area. You may require bone grafting if you don’t have the necessary amount.

Scheduling a consultation with your dental provider is the only way to know whether or not you’re a dental implants candidate.

Where can I get dental implants near me?

SF Perio & Implants is proud to offer high-quality dental implants for patients in or around the San Francisco… This text opens a new tab to the Google Maps website…  area.

Our skilled periodontists, Dr. Kirk Pasquinelli and Dr. Nicole Olivares, have advanced training to ensure your dental implant procedure goes as efficiently as possible.

Restore your smile today!


We’re conveniently located in San FranciscoThis link opens Google maps, making us easily accessible to those in Linda Mar, East Richmond Heights, Greenbrae, Pedro Valley, Escalle, San Pablo, Murray Park, Rollingwood, and Hillsborough.

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