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Dentures refer to restorative treatments that replace multiple missing teeth. In the past, dentures may have been unstable and uncomfortable, but thanks to dental technology you can now enjoy eating the food you love and a reliable smile. At SF Perio & Implants, we offer implant-supported dentures in San Francisco for both your upper and lower arches. Experience the new era of dentures and reclaim your smile!

Are You Missing All of Your Lower Teeth?
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Implant dentures San Francisco - Older man smiling with his ball attachment dentures in place.
Ball Attachment Denture

The ball attachment denture is made up of two implants placed into your lower jaw and a custom-made denture placed on top of the implants. The denture snaps into place so it can still be removed and does require some adjustments at our San Francisco dental office.

Implant dentures San Francisco - Couple hugging and smiling with their bar attachment dentures
Bar Attachment Denture

This denture begins with 4-6 dental implants being inserted into your lower jaw. The implants are then connected with a customized support bar. Your denture is designed with internal clips so it can attach itself to the support bar. This bar holds the denture in place and promotes greater stability. However, it can still be removed for cleaning or repair.

Older lady smiling after having received screw retained dentures in San Francisco
Screw Retained Denture

A screw retained denture is a permanent solution to missing teeth. This option involves placing five or more implants into your jaw and then the denture being screwed onto the implants. The denture floats above the gum tissue and can only be removed by one of a trained San Francisco dentists.

Smiling woman who has experienced individual implant dentures in San Francisco
Individual Implants

This service gets its name because each tooth is "individually replaced" to resemble your natural teeth. Dr. Pasquinelli or Dr. Olivares will place over eight implants to support custom-made crowns. The results of this procedure are esthetically pleasing, but it is time-consuming and requires a lot of custom work.

Are You Missing All of Your Upper Teeth?

Our options for dentures in San Francisco are designed to cater to your specific needs.


Your upper jaw bone is not as hard as your lower jaw so patients may require more implants to stabilize their bite. Our skilled San Francisco implant dentists offer a variety of options to restore the function of your smile.

Implant Retained Upper Denture

Implants can be used to hold a denture in place on the upper arch of your jaw. The implants are inserted into your jaw and the retained denture is attached. You will enjoy the ability to taste all foods and have a denture with a more natural feel. This denture is removable for cleaning.

Individual Upper Implants

Individual upper implants utilize the placement of single implants that are topped by custom-made crowns. Normally requiring between eight and ten implants, this permanent solution restores your bite’s function and look. During the process, your dentists will explain the need for healing and ongoing hygiene care.

Older couple smiling with a drink after having received screw retained dentures in San Francisco

Dr. Pasquinelli is amazing - as odd as it is to think about enjoying a dental experience, I thoroughly did. He's very pleasant, thorough, and it was overall a great experience.

Lis W. (Actual Patient)

Implant-Supported Overdentures

Replacing your missing teeth with a full dental bridge supported by dental implants.
Implant dentures San Francisco - Smiling older lady who has implant-supported over-dentures

How It Works

Implant-supported overdentures are attached to a series of dental implants. Each implant is topped with an abutment-based attachment to hold the overdenture into place. These dentures require a good amount of healthy bone and are removable. The connection for the implants to the denture could be a bar, ball, or magnet.

At SF Perio & Implants, we aim to provide you with a temporary denture on the same day the implants are placed. This is replaced with your custom-made restoration once the healing process is complete.

Benefits for You

The advantages of implant-supported dentures should not be underestimated. Losing your teeth is no doubt a worrying experience and can affect your confidence. With this style of denture, your San Francisco dentist is able to restore the look and function of your smile.

Also, this treatment uses fewer implants, which reduces time in the chair and saves you money. You can enjoy your favorite foods, resume your lifestyle, and smile again with a renewed confidence.

Get Your Smile Back!

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