Periodontal Maintenance in San Francisco

Successfully diagnosing and preventing the spread of gum disease.

Your Periodontal Checkup

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Dr. Olivares giving a patient advice about periodontal maintenance

At SF Perio & Implants, we know that periodontal treatment is an ongoing concern and requires a personalized maintenance program. This custom-made program is developed by Dr. Pasquinelli or Dr. Olivares with your help and is designed to keep periodontal disease under control.

Through periodontal maintenance, our experts can keep the disease at bay and promote healthier gum tissue and protect the bones that support your teeth. You also play a vital role in the success of a maintenance program by adhering to a solid at-home hygiene routine. During your regular visits, your San Francisco periodontist provides helpful advice and an evaluation of your routine. By working side by side with us, you are able to benefit from our wealth of knowledge to keep your smile healthy.

Despite a regular hygiene routine consisting of brushing and flossing, bacterial plaque may still build up. Our caring doctors or your general dentist needs to regularly care for this build-up to prevent the recurrence of gum disease. Your regular exam should include:

  • Review of your health history
  • Examination of your teeth, gums, and bite
  • Measurement of the depth of pockets around your teeth
  • Digital x-rays
  • Discussion about your oral hygiene routine and our recommendations
  • Cleaning to remove plaque and tartar
  • Treatment or advice on how to reduce tooth sensitivity

Your dentist and Drs. Pasquinelli and Olivares work together as a team to provide you with the best possible care. They keep each other informed about your progress but your general dentist is primarily responsible for your overall dental health.

Oral Cancer Exam

Over 30,000 people are affected each year. It's vital to get checked!
Dr. Pasquinelli explaining how periodontal maintenance can help prevent oral cancers

You may be suffering from the early stages of oral cancer and not be aware of it. It’s common for there to be no symptoms as cancer begins forming in the lip or mouth tissue, on the tongue, in the gums, or even the throat. The good news is Dr. Pasquinelli and Dr. Olivares use the latest technology to diagnose oral cancer in its earliest forms. This is a major reason why our experts recommend annual oral cancer exams. If caught early, this disease can be effectively and efficiently treated.

However, there may be some symptoms you experience that you can assess at home. These include red or white patches in your mouth, abnormal lesions or lumps, and pain or bleeding.

When you receive your annual oral cancer screening, you can expect:

  • Comprehensive examination of your mouth, face, and neck
  • Modern laser technology designed to highlight any issues
  • Oral cancer prevention advice

If any traces of oral cancer are evident then our skilled dentists in San Francisco will create a personalized treatment plan for you.

Dr. Pasquinelli explaining how periodontal maintenance can help prevent oral cancers

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Professional Teeth Cleaning

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A SF Perio & Implants patient who is undergoing periodontal maintenance with a cleaning

A dental “prophylaxis” is a cleaning treatment performed to thoroughly cleanse your teeth and gums. This helps stop the progression of gingivitis and more severe periodontal disease.

During your regular exam, your dental hygienist may recommend professional teeth cleaning. Your day-to-day eating and drinking habits can lead to plaque build-up on your teeth and around the gums. So, this cleaning may still be necessary despite a solid brushing and flossing routine.

Plaque is a primary cause of periodontal disease, which can lead to complications such as bad breath and tooth sensitivity. These issues are easily and comfortably prevented by your dental hygienist with the help of a thorough cleaning. Stains on your teeth can also be removed, leaving you with a healthier looking smile.

Cleanings should be scheduled every six months or more regularly (as prescribed) for periodontal disease sufferers. It is important to note that this treatment is not a cure but rather a prevention or maintenance solution.

Although your general dentist may offer professional cleaning, it could be beneficial to see our periodontists as they are more familiar with the issues associated with gum disease.

Stop the Spread of Gum Disease
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