Pocket Reduction Surgery in San Francisco

Protecting your tooth’s root and promoting a healthy smile.

Osseous Surgery

Fighting the effects of advanced periodontal disease.

The alveolar bone is the bone structure that contains your tooth sockets. When this bone develops deformities and pockets, Dr. Pasquinelli and Dr. Olivares may recommend osseous surgery. The surgery is primarily used to eliminate pockets that cause periodontal disease. The procedure feels like a professional teeth cleaning as it is a minor surgical procedure.

Osseous surgery has many benefits:

Reduce Bacterial Spread
Periodontal disease has been linked to other conditions, such as heart disease. Harmful bacteria from the mouth could cause these conditions. By removing harmful bacteria from your mouth, our experts can reduce these health risks.
Prevent Bone Loss
When periodontal disease becomes more advanced, it can cause inflammation and the spread of bacteria. If not treated, this can lead to bone deterioration and in turn, tooth loss. By halting the impact of periodontal disease, your periodontists in San Francisco can save your teeth.
Regain Your Smile
Periodontal disease affects the esthetics of your mouth as well as your health. Common symptoms include discoloration of the gums, rotting teeth, and bleeding. Through osseous surgery, we can reduce the harmful bacteria and restore your smile to its natural beauty.
Home Care Routine
Your regular brushing and flossing routine can become difficult when periodontal disease is severe. By reducing the gum pocket size, we can make it more comfortable for you to brush once again. This has the added benefit of preventing the progression of gum disease.

Your comfort is paramount during each surgery we perform. Therefore, our team numbs the area before starting and explains each step of the procedure. To begin, your San Francisco periodontist releases the gum tissue from the bone. We next use scaling to clean the inside of your tooth and then reshape the bone around the tooth. Occasionally, Dr. Pasquinelli and Dr. Olivares need to remove some bone and may use bone grafting to fill large defects. To complete the surgery, your doctor will place the gums over the remaining bone and suture them into place. A dressing is used to keep the repaired gums clean and healthy.


This periodontal procedure eliminates excess gum tissue to beautify your smile.

Plastic model of a persons teeth with long thick gums.

The term “gingivectomy” is derived from Latin: “gingiva” means gum tissue, “-ectomy” means to remove.

Occasionally, patients can suffer from long, thick gums that make their natural teeth look short. This can occur for a number of reasons, such as inflamed or diseased gums. The good news is it can be treated with a gingivectomy. A gingivectomy begins with the affected areas being numbed. Then our periodontists in San Francisco remove the excess gum tissue with a scalpel or laser. The majority of gingivectomies can be carried out without the need for stitches and the post-treatment only includes a small amount of pain medication. This simple procedure can help achieve the following:

  • Improve the look of your smile
  • Make your teeth look in proportion
  • Improve bone and gum health

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Laying the foundation for successful orthodontics.
Woman smiling in front of a city background after receiving Pocket Reduction Surgery

Your frenum connects your lips to your gums at the front of your mouth (upper and lower). If this muscle attachment is not positioned correctly, it can cause gum recession (if it pulls) or even prevent a space between your front teeth (if too large).

To prevent these issues, our surgeons can release the frenum from your gums. This is recommended when orthodontic treatment is needed because it provides more stability and thus facilitates a successful treatment.

Woman smiling in front of a city background after receiving Pocket Reduction Surgery
Carefully & Gently Restoring Your Gums to Full Health

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